Remembering Murphy’s Law

Ah as if all the recent incidents were not enough that this had to happen! Can anything be worse than office laptop getting crashed as soon as you are back from an official tour and you are supposed to finish off whole lot of pending stuffs??? Yes, suddenly my laptop decided to take a rest and very conveniently it displayed the message “ hard disk error, attribute code : 05” and after this you do anything its just not re-booting. Well, looks like luck is favoring me toooooooo much for past few weeks :-(.
I rushed to my admin guy and he again very conveniently replied, “don’t worry since it’s a new one it’s still under warranty and they will replace the hard disc”. “REPLACE! But about my data?” Another frustrating reply, “we will try to retrieve D drive but C is gone”!!!!!
Now I really don’t know how to react? This was a new laptop with high-end configuration given to me only few weeks back and since I had recently migrated all my stuffs to this new laptop so I have not even kept any back-up of the files anywhere. Considering the brand and configuration I never expected this to happen so soon! How will I manage my work without any file??????? Apart from all my office data of past 2 years, my favorite songs and some snaps recently downloaded from my camera, it also had some of my very important personal stuffs like snaps of my paintings which are hard to get back as I have given away most of my paintings to my friends and acquaintances :-(….So, all of those are gone! This realization is too upsetting and disturbing. I am feeling damn irritated and hopelessly thinking of Mr. Murphy who one fine day said, “when things have to go wrong, they will”. Were they actually having me in mind while devising laws like – “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” or “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way”!!!
Update: Well got the news from admin guy who was working on recovering files…I lost all my C drive, parts of D drive and but obviously all my desktop files and I had this bad habit of storing all my recent files which I need for immediate reference on my desktop :-(. And no it was not some virus attack, it was manufacturer’s defect because of which it happened. And losing desktop files also mean losing the new template code which I had managed to write with my novice html skills…I got this great idea of not using some ready template and having a totally customized template for my blog as my current template does give some problem in mozilla and so I had taken the pain of coding down a new template on my own! And I am not a techie, so you can imagine the pain and effort which I would have taken to write a code on my own! I was waiting for one free weekend when I could manage time to implement that code and here we go…that code is gone! Now I can think of why the hell I didn’t store that template code file in my D drive but no right now I can only think of MURPHY’s LAW!!! Somehow this law seems to close to my heart now 🙁


  1. Sindhu :)

    Awwww!! This is so bad!!!

    Seriously bad.

    If losing work data was bad enough.. losing your personal memories is the worst, seriously!!!


  2. Tarun Goel

    Oho, so the C is gone :(.
    I am with you, because i had the same experience while working for my college magazine, continuously for tw0 days and nights and after that I deleted all that stuff because of drowsiness 😛
    So I know the pain of working for the same thing twice, may you have peace 🙂

  3. Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani

    @ Sindhu: 🙁 🙁 🙁

    @ Tarun: Yea its very painful 🙁

  4. Nautankey

    This is the most frustrating thing and have faced it N number of times. Probly thats why I take amonhtly back up of my drives though friends find it funny..

    just relax and dont get worked up bcoz that wud add more to the tension.

  5. Iya if loosing work stuff hasnt enough you have lost your personal stuff as well… i know this can get might frustrating..
    we have suffered once when Aman’s laptop crashed and we lost a whole lot of pics of our trips from the first year of marriage…
    no what can i say but happy recovery…

  6. Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani

    @ Nautankey: yea, even I do…but since this was new so I had not taken up any…sniff!

    @ Iya: 🙁 No its not happy recovery actually it ended up in being a sad one. I lost too many stuffs 🙁 🙁 🙁

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