Advaniji goes further aggressive on digital medium!

I had earlier written about Advaniji getting net savvy and his portal But looks like humare neta, Advaniji toh internet space mein super aggressive ho rahe hai :D. Ah he is not leaving any stone unturned to reach out the online Indian citizens. Here are some developments which I observed recently from Advaniji and his campaign promotion teamJ

  • Blog: Like everybody and anybody on this earth, even L.K. Advani has decided to have his presence on blogosphere. His blog got launched in Jan’09 & supposedly Mr. Advani is blogging personally on this space. Well, posts are good but don’t think he is writing it himself. Fan following of his blog seems to be ok with each post having on an average 100+ comments. No, I don’t mean 100+ comments is less but kya karein, celebs like BigB and Aamir Khan have set a very high bench-mark for popular personality blogs with each of their posts receiving on an average 1000+ comments.
  • Online Advertisement / SEM: Oh this was truly a surprise for me, I noticed 2-3 sites as well as Google sponsored search displaying L.K.Advani portal ads. And yeah quite an extensive keyword listing they have done for these ads, you type any election related keyword & you get to see these ads. Impressive isn’t it?


  • Emailer campaigns: Personally I have not received this email but one of my associates was mentioning that after pre-recorded voices now people are doing email blasts as part of political advertising. He received an email with subject as invitation from L.K.Advani to visit his portal

Well, I am neither a big supporter of BJP nor I am active into Indian Politics scenario. Most of the times I find it to be so dirty that I prefer to have my involvement limited to reading or watching just headlines and that too not because of any interest but only to be updated about the latest happenings. Having said that, I do find this initiative of BJP a good move and sort of positive change in Indian Politics. At least they are trying to connect to the newer generation; at least they are taking some effort to reach out to educated mass. Wondering if it is Obama effect or the Social media effect on his campaign management team but whatever it is, I must say it is a welcome change J.


  1. tanvi

    i guess u r right in sayin tht this is a welcome change…gone are the days of typical netas with gandhi’s era of fast track net savvy netas is indeed laudable but i wish advani used his website for better purposes like talkin bout how he n his party would work towards takin india forward on the path of development

  2. Smita

    lol looks like the old man has taken a leaf out of Obama campaign…and u r right the way they have been advertising it is unprecedent.

    I somehow feel it wud be his secs updating the blog but as u said a good effort in all.

    PS U had asked about good books na, check out this post of mine. In the list against the books I have added a remark it will help you

  3. niceguy251


    True. Technical advancement is catching up.

    You seem to have stopped replying to comments on blogspot.

    Take care

  4. HOBO(nickname)

    My all adsense image ads. many times display only one advt..

  5. donateyourpc reports that BJP is spending 250 Crores on his campaign, and Congress has a war chest of 200 Crores. (

    And while nobody noticed, Murali Manohar Joshi has launched his own portal! I wonder all these BJP bigwigs are busy launching their own portals, has nobody ever seen what the party website looks like? ( in one word: hideous!

  6. verbivorehere

    this sure is a wow change..we atleast now ‘seem’ to have a voice. They might read it, might not see it. But we have a space of hope that our ‘screamings’ will be heard.

  7. Biju Mathews

    Nice post!!

    Thanks for the link to Advani’s blog. I never knew it existed though I had seen a lot of his ads as a wanna be president. Reading it as you pointed out, I’m also sure that he’s not the one writing them.

    Keep Blogging!!

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