Confessions of a Shopaholic: The Book

Well, I think a must read book for women who enjoy reading chick-lit or light flicks :-). And here is why:

  • If you are a female born with normal genes & hormones, I will assume you have the code of “I love shopping” embedded somewhere within your DNA. Yeah, I know the level of coding can actually vary from women to women but it’s definitely there in all the women at least I know since childhood. And if you are one of those normal women with this “shopping” thing in your DNA, you’ll definitely like this book or rather I shall say you’ll love this book!
  • This book is very light, witty & really a fun read.
  • The journey of main protagonist “Rebecca Bloomwood” whose life is in a mess because of her obsession towards shopping is interesting enough to hold your attention till the end of the book. Not even once while reading I felt bored of it.
  • I have not watched the movie yet but the writing style of the book is so vivid that you actually feel you are watching a movie.
  • It definitely leaves you a smile on your face & it’s one of those books which you would like to finish asap.
So, next time when you’re looking for a light casual read, do try it out please.
Other details of the book:
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Price: Rs. 261/- (I bought in from landmark 2 weeks back)
Special Note: Statutory Warning – This book is a strict NO for men! I‘m sure most of the men would not like to try anything which is even remotely related to shopping 🙂


  1. Renu

    My daughter has read this whole series and been recommending it to me:), this time when I go to her place, I will also read them.

  2. Nautankey

    Excuse me..the special note was too generic.I for one love splurging money on useless things under the pretext of shopping,especially when i am depressed..the sight of my credit card being swiped gives a good high and makes me fight depression :)..will check the movie don’t think i have patience to read a chick flick book.

  3. WSW

    The movie sucked!
    Maybe the book will rock.

  4. Shayari review!

    Picked Zama’s ‘Marriage bureau for rich people’ from Sapna’s y’day. See a plain good review @ Smi’s blog made me buy that! :O

    How very true of the ‘I love shopping’ code being merged in our DNA. Lol 😀

  5. Smita

    I simply love this book…

    In fact I think about Becky and I laugh 😀 The book is adorable & something which I could relate to 😀

    In fact me & WIAN describe our shopping by saying 'I did a Becky today :D'

    The movie is saved in my lappy but somehow I feel that the movie can no matter be better than the book…

    Do read rest of the series…equally hilarious they are, specially the letters she writes to her banker 😀

    Isn't Becky adorable???

    Gosh! I think I'll read it again 😉

    @ Shay I hope u love the book 🙂

  6. Kanupriya

    @ Renu: Oh you should 🙂

    @ Nautankey: I said "most of the men" :P. Wasn't knowing u too r into shopping, yeah shopping really helps in overcoming depression 😀

    @Shayari: LOL…Yeah even I have read that on Smita's blog & next in my list is also the same book.

    @ WSW: Oh really? If you into light reads, you may try the book

    @ Smita: LOL…nice one – I did a Becky today! Will surely read the rest of the series.

  7. ~anu~

    watched the movie about two weeks back and on the book right now.. had a good time watching the movie.. and having a splendid time reading this too! 🙂

    (who am i? – iya’s friend, siddharth’s cousin – there is a lot more to my identity though, but i guess this is good for a start 🙂 )

  8. Abhishek

    And I am suggesting ‘The Zoya Factor’ by Anuja Chauhan. I don’t pick up chick flicks but this one fooled me since it flaunts its cricket connexions.

    One enjoyable activity is to match the characters with real people.

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