Magic of Rain

Magic of Rain

Thoughts drifting with drifting clouds
As I sit here & watch the crowd;
Lightning flashes the life so far
Moments of glee & the deep scars.

A drop from eye, a drop from sky
Tears & rain don’t seem to be ally;
I hope the rain wins this affray
And it washes all my tears away.

Rain has always this magic on me
It touches that me hidden within me;
Rain reminds me those golden years
And also helps me hide my tears.
– Kanupriya

Wrote this while lazing in my balcony this weekend- sunset with rain with solitude. Though never wanted to write a sad one but somehow this is what came out. I think it was because even one moment of solitude or time with myself quickly reminds me of how life has changed over years and this rain reminded me of my childhood days when me & my brothers used to just go out in our aangan & get wet like crazy…For all other craziness, I always behaved like an elder sister and stopped them from doing any such things but for being drenched in rain I was always the first one amongst them to run out in our aangan & enjoy the rains…Some changes like absence of Kishu from our lives is really one of the most unacceptable & unbelievable changes till date…


  1. Tarun Goel

    Congrats!!for the rains.
    I am still thirsty 🙁
    Everyone is getting his/her share of rains, for me even pre~monsoon will do 😀
    Indeed, the magic of rains is spellbound

  2. Winnie the poohi

    Rains r just perfect for everything.. be it joy or tears 🙂

  3. The Survivor

    I love the rains too 🙂

  4. Uncommon Sense

    everyday the clouds are forming but there is no rain here in baroda…

    have become kind of desparate..

  5. Bedazzled

    i wish it rained here ,.. feel jealous hearing u talk abt the rains !! 😉 love the bit abt rains washin away tears ..

  6. Kanupriya

    @ Tarun: Hope it rains there soon

    @ Winnie: Yea absolutely, it arises different emotions in me & I love rains 🙂

    @ The survivor: ditto

    Bedazzled: hope it rains there too 🙂

    @ Uncommon: Oh…guess it will take some time in Baroda 🙂

  7. Abhishek

    Gimme rain, and I too can write something!

    OK, I can't write, but give me rain :'(

  8. Roshan

    I happened on this blog via surfing through another blog.

    One thing i am desperately wanting to experience is the Rains in India.
    I haven't been home for the past 4 years and the very first thing i am going to do after landing in India is to stand in the rain and savor it.

  9. Gee

    Beautiful….both the poem and your thoughts.


  10. ani_aset

    its beautiful
    "Lightning flashes the life so far
    Moments of glee & the deep scars.

    loved these lines..its when one is alone that you think about life, rest all the time it just happens

  11. Tarun Kohli

    Real good poem.
    It made think a lot. How same water from different source can be so different, just like everything else in life.

  12. numerounity

    beautiful poem. Reminds me of my carefree days in rain.. I too use to run in my huge aangan to play with shower and poodle; use to go bycycling on countryside road…or long walks in rain with windcheater on…those were the days. And thanks for reminding me those days again.

  13. Kanupriya

    @ Abhishek: So, did u get rain there or not?

    @ Roshan: Oh yes, rains r too good here. But 4 years & no home visit? Oh 🙁

    @ Gee: Thanx 🙂

  14. Kanupriya

    @ Tarun: hey thanx 🙂

    @ Ani: yea agree…sometimes such moments r good to have.

    @ Numerounity: u r welcome :), rains r magical!

  15. Ersa

    i love the rain too…that was a very nice poem…beautifully written.

  16. NikVad

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  17. Rashmi

    Wow Kanu, loved this side of yours, beautifully written and touches one's heart

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