Oh paisa yeh paisa :)

So, now there is an ad also on television which just substantiates the fact that as far as sports in India is concerned, money is there more in endorsements and not the actual sport! I’m speaking of the recent Fair & Lovely ad where this gal is trying to win some cycle championship and her brother tells her to change the sport if she wants to buy a new house in order to fulfill her mother’s dream. And whoa by the end of the ad, the gal is able to afford any bungalow in that locality because she is all ujli ujli now…errr I mean fair & lovely 😉 which has helped her in getting some endorsement deal from a famous sports company. Now when there is endorsement, there is money & when there is money, then maa ka sapna pura karne ka time 😉! And of course this endorsement came to her because she got transformed into this gorgeous, pretty, FAIR & LOVELY gal by applying fair & lovely! Chalo finally maa ka sapna sakaar hua, all thanks to this miraculous Fair & Lovely and the brand endorsement deal. Whatever happened to that cycle competition, who cares?

In a country where Sania is bigger than Tennis, Saina is bigger than Badminton & Vijender is bigger than Boxing, it does not come as a surprise that endorsements and not the actual sport are the main profession for so many of them. Well, there is no harm in earning money out of your profession be it sports or anything else, but commercializing your profession to an extent that you forget your profession only??? And mind it, I have not even spoken about Indian cricketers and their much discussed endorsement deals worth millions and billions of rupees Well, that’s a topic worth a book, Indian cricketers and their success in endorsement market is in fact a case study for marketing students across the globe. It’s really funny when you see this dark truth being shown proudly in the form of an ad commercial too :-). On one hand the ad is speaking of a sports gal but still the concept of bedaag goraapan :P, and to add to that she gets money because she gets that endorsement…LOL, des humara hai rangrez babu 🙂


  1. Renu

    Our obsession with fair complexion will nevr cease to exist.

  2. Scribbler

    oh btw I've read that book 'maximum city' and I didn't like it much..tell me what's your take…

  3. Scribbler

    India that is ! Fairness-but only in skin colour and no where else !! Sigh !

    I too was disgusted to see the commercial and many such commercials like the job one-fair and lovely men…if only the creams would do us good..why study and acquire higher education ?

    Either participate in some reality shows or apply creams or do both and you're a star already,hah !

  4. Abhishek

    Chalo kisi ad ne to sach bola na?
    Atleast better than those stupid Men's fairness cream ads where people get job because they are confident because they are fair!

    BTW Champions League starting from tomorrow, dekhte hain hamare paisewale sher kya karte hain!

  5. Kanupriya

    @Renu: Agree so very much
    @Abhishek: Ya I know, I just soooo hate that ad!
    @Scribbler: I know this obsession will never go away I think!

  6. verbivorehere

    wow! a point worth pondering indeed!! never gave a thought to those ads myself..!

  7. Nautankey

    Oh yeah.. you didnt now she even won all the medals bcoz of her fair and lovely,her opponents were dazzled by her beauty and et her go ahead :P…at times we remember some sports celebs only after seeing them in ads[eg:yuvi].But yeah it has some benefits too… though very marginal

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