Change is never easy but possible

While sitting by the window on this cold winter morning in a very different part of the world, I can’t help myself but notice the changes that have happened in my life in the last couple of years.

It’s dark outside but about to be bright soon. The surroundings are so new and unknown but the view is oh so breathtakingly gorgeous.

What is it that’s keeping me awake at this hour? Is it Xenophobia? No, but definitely a bit of anxiety.

Anxiety for the unknown, anxiety for the new journey, anxiety for the change.

Both professionally and personally I am at a place that I hadn’t imagined or ever intended to be in. From geographies to mindset, personal life has gone through sea changes of late.

Professionally too, I am on paths that weren’t in my career radar at all until a few years back. For a person like me who has always been goal-driven, always had a plan, it wasn’t easy to adjust to this risky, unplanned path. 

Some of these changes are conscious ones but the majority have been unplanned, things that I wasn’t prepared for, but I had to go through.

To be honest, at the outset it was fearful, at times upsetting too but I must say after initial chaos, twists and turns, professionally it turned out to be better with more fulfilling rewards and experiences on the way.

As Robin Sharma says –

Well, I haven’t reached the end yet, in fact not even till middle but I can see the rewards of welcoming changes in my professional life.

I am hoping I will get to experience the same in my personal life too.

So, if you are like me who gets apprehensive about change, then trust me you are not alone. 

Change is difficult

Change is chaotic

Change is stressful

Change is exhausting.

And change is daunting if it impacts the life of your loved ones. 

Having said that,

Change brings hope

Hope for something better

Hope for something fresh

Hope for a reset

Hope for growth.

Everyone has different reasons to accept any change, for me one of the biggest motivations have been the hope for reset and growth. 

When the joy of experiencing something new outweighs the fear of the unknown, I think we’re ready to accept the change.

Change isn’t easy but possible 🙂

How do you cope up with change? We all know change is the only constant but are you the one who gets anxious about the change or do you accept change quickly? Would love to know your side of the story.

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  1. Chetana Bhattacharya

    Loved reading this Kanupriya! Your free flowing and lucid writing always makes your article a great read. Will email you separately on the thoughts I have about “Change”. Write on… Rock on!

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