Hi there!

Thank you for visiting this page. There is a brief note about me in the right side widget (below in mobile) that pretty much sums up who I am :). Curious to know more about me? I am equally curious to know and connect with the reader in you, though I’m wondering what to tell you about myself who is a person in continuous WIP state. But let me give it a try 🙂

About Me?

Dreamer, Doer, Mother, Marketer and the priority of these roles keep on changing for me every hour of the day :-). While there are many other roles that I play but my life currently pretty much revolves around these four.

What I do?

Ummm, how to describe it? Marketer by profession and artist by passion? Too cliché, yeah? A data-driven digital marketer with an artistic soul who can juggle with numbers and paint-brush with equal aplomb? Too fancy, eh? So, let me not try to sound cool and just put it in plain, simple words:-)

Currently working as Vice President – Product & Marketing at one of India’s leading photography services company. Overall 15+ years of rich experience in Branding, Marketing & Product Management across organizations of varying scales, right from large conglomerates to startups. Entrepreneurial in nature with strong product leadership skills, I have established brands and built products that have been industry differentiators in the Indian market.

Alma Mater?

Does it matter? In case it does, the last two ones are – Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley and Banaras Hindu University, India.

What keeps me busy off-work?

  • Passionate about digital media, have been an avid writer at some of the leading technology and marketing publications like Marketing and Growth, Hackernoon, NextBigWhat etc.
  • Visiting faculty for digital marketing at various business schools.
  • Delivering talks, conducting workshops, hosting and moderating panel discussions on marketing, digital marketing, and product management. Check some of the recent ones here.


What about off-off-work?

Books, Painting and Baking – things that I indulge in when I am off-off-work 🙂. In this world of AI and VR, creating something by my own hands still gives me a different kind of adrenaline rush and reading every night in my balcony under the starry sky is still the most treasured joy of my daily life. What am I reading or painting right now? You may check out my Instagram page to follow my creative pursuits.

Which part of the global village do I live in?

Currently living in Hyderabad, India with my husband and son, the duo who keep my life super busy and interesting.

Phew, that’s a lot of text. Must convert it into some kind of infographics or visual map, after all human attention is lesser than a goldfish and all that ;). Till then, just refer to the shorter version of me in the about widget :-).

In case you would like to get in touch with me, I can be reached via email  TwitterLinkedin or Medium @kanupriyasindhu . Would love to connect with you.