Keeping A Gratitude Journal: Tips and Resources

While writing my last post, I didn’t realize it will open up such interesting conversation threads with my readers. That post connected with many. Some went down memory lane remembering their own old diary. Whereas, some shared how their outlook towards life has changed ever since they started practicing meditation, gratitude-journaling, or journaling in general. Some asked me thought-provoking questions in different forums where the link was shared. 

Going through those queries, I felt my last post had an incomplete ending. The readers expected more. Some takeaways, or practical insights that they can implement in their lives. Especially the ones, who are new to the world of journaling.

Honestly speaking, it was an impromptu post. Something that I felt like sharing as an aftereffect of revisiting my old journal. And I am glad I did. I wasn’t prepared for such heartwarming direct messages and engaging WhatsApp conversations. I always thought my audience profile is mainly folks from product and marketing backgrounds. As that’s the kind of content I mostly share here. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Personal stories have a charm of their own. Especially when they connect, entertain, or inspire you to act. 

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