Kingfisher Holidays – IPL promotion

It was the last commercial break during IPL last night & guess the 1st ad being aired in that break??? Well, it was for a holiday site asking to book tickets for South Africa to catch live IPL match! :O – yea that was my first reaction esp. because it was from brand none other than Kingfisher who was promoting with call for action to book tickets NOW to catch live IPL (don’t remember the exact text, else would have loved to post the same here J)!!! LOL, book tickets at the time when the finals of IPL was hardly 5 minutes away :D, wondering were they offering some “reach SA on a blink” kinda service or what! Curious enough I landed on their website today only to find their IPL banner running on the home page till now. Looks like the group is too busy grieving over the loss of RCB to change the communication till now. If it was at one place it could have been understood as mistake or oversight but if their home page is having the promo banner (scrn shot taken on 25th May’09 at 7:15 pm) saying this, they what can I say? Wake up guys, wake up!


Kingfisher Holidays had partnered with DLF IPL 2009 & were offering some exclusive tour packages for South Africa to all cricket fans. While the idea was good & I’m sure they would have gained good traction out of it but then while managing their communication I think they should have taken care of implementation bit more closely. If at all they wanted to utilize the last slot too to promote their holiday portal, maybe they could have done it in a better way like a general brand message thanking all who used the portal to travel to SA or a different call for action instead of this. Hmmm…execution guys, execution!

Kingfisher Communication

I’m sure like me all of you would also have got your inboxes flooded with new year wishes. More than personal messages, it’s in fact all sorts of marketing campaigns from different services wishing new year and announcing some or other new year offer. Ah speak of that over-abuse of email marketing channel in India!!! Well, most of promotional emails went into my trash folder without even opening it…but here comes one email on my gmail id which I couldn’t help myself from opening it immediately despite knowing it very well that this one also is some marketing mailer. Reason? Well, the sender of the email is Dr. Vijay Mallya J. Now am I not supposed to click it at least once to see wht Mr. Mallya has to communicate to me? This was also just another mailer but see a small customization in terms of sender’s name did make a difference to me as a consumer. And not only me, I’m sure most of the consumers would like to click it at least once to read Mr. Mallya’s message and therefore just a bit of personalization would have led to a higher CTR than normal King club mailers. After all the sender’s name reads Dr. Vijay Mallya and from the look of it, it didn’t seem to be a virus mail. Kingfisher is really the king of communication and yea they always set some benchmark of service and communication. Check it out:



Well, this is my last post for 2008… So, shall I also say in Mallya eshtylee – I want to personally thank all of you for your continued patronage, for reading my blog and sharing your opinions…ha ha ha, I know I know it’s getting too much, so better leave this style to Mr. Mallya. From my side, just a simple wish  – Wish all my readers and blogger friends a very happy and prosperous new year!