Marketing Case Studies - Kanupriya Sindhu

Big lessons from small businesses

Observing small businesses and their growth strategies always fascinate me. Many a time, these businesses impart far more practical knowledge than what we get to learn in structured classrooms.

Last week, many counties in Central Europe reinstated strict lockdown. Budapest, where I reside currently, is back to the lockdown state of March 2020. Schools, colleges, malls, and restaurants, have been completely shut. Going back into the lockdown makes me wonder if the world will ever recover from this pandemic and will we ever go back to our earlier lifestyle again?

The announcement about the lockdown from the Government sent panic waves across the city. While consumers got busy hoarding on to stuff, small business owners developed fresh worry lines on their foreheads wondering about their existing stock and revenue. Especially the ones with perishables. But as is generally the case, it’s the time of crisis when true leaders emerge. 

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