The psychology behind countdowns

100 days to…


Yes, as of today, we are just 100 days away from a brand new year. Does it matter? It may, or may not, depending upon the context. 

While for many things, life continues to go on as we transition from one year to another. But in case you are someone like me, who sets yearly goals and personal milestones, perhaps it’s the best time to revisit them. 


Many of us are enthusiastic about setting goals at the beginning of the year. But as we get busy in the humdrum of life, we lose sight of them. Especially the personal ones. 

Professional commitments take over passion projects. Social commitments take over fitness goals. And so on.

We desperately want to do the things that we planned earlier but we couldn’t. 

It happens with almost all of us. 

This post is not to evoke any feeling of guilt or remorse. It’s rather about a positive reminder that we still have time. And that too 100 days! Which is good enough to achieve anything. Ok, almost anything.

Countdown works for me. Maybe it’s the marketer in me who has experienced the power of countdowns in many scenarios earlier. From campaigns to conversions, the psychology behind the countdown is fascinating.

Countdowns help us measure how far are we from our goals.

Countdowns create a sense of urgency and discipline.

Countdowns keep us engaged.

Countdowns influence behavior.

Countdowns drive action.

If used properly, countdown helps us be on track and motivates us to move towards our goal. 

What do you think? Do countdowns help you? 

Today, I revisited my goals for the year. I know I have a lot to finish, both professionally and personally. But then I know, I still have 100 days to achieve those and hopefully, I will. Writing daily being one of them :-).

Cheers to moving ahead, one day at a time.

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