Arty Love

Words on paper or brush on canvas – the only two medium I know to express myself.

Though my love for colors existed since childhood but the generation in which I grew up, there was hardly any scope to learn painting or drawing professionally. Practicing art as a full-time career was of course out of question :-). As I grew up, I realized my love for colors is deeper than I envisaged and hence even amidst a very hectic schedule, I am somehow trying to keep this love of my life alive, in a hope that maybe someday I will fulfill my dream of learning & practicing painting professionally :-). Until then let me believe in the words of Henry David Thoreu – “The world is but a canvas to our imagination“.

Sharing some of my recent creations here, more of my work available on my Instagram and Facebook page. 


Madhubani Painting On Handmade Paper – Kanupriya SIndhu
Ganesha with Madhubani Touch on Handmade Paper – Kanupriya Sindhu
Ardh Narishwar in Madhubani Style On Handmade Paper – Kanupriya Sindhu
Different Forms Of Ganesha – Kanupriya Sindhu
Buddha – Knife Painting on Canvas – Kanupriya Sindhu
Buddha – Oil Painting on Canvas – Kanupriya Sindhu
Handpainted Bookmarks – Kanupriya Sindhu
Pen Doodle – Goddess Durga – Kanupriya Sindhu