Ghajini Marketing: Employees go bald!

While I was anyways impressed with these interesting collaterals of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in multiplexes, I get to hear of this another very different kind of promotion campaign of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Ghajini. Now first speaking of this Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi collateral which I noticed in a popular retail outlet in the form of a table top followed by a theater in the form of a long standee where I went to watch this movie, it was having a very fascinating dual visual effect. Same standee was showing two different forms of Shahrukh and Anushka if seen from two different angles – one was showing him in his common man avtaar and the next angle was showing him in his hip and cool avtaar. Quite interesting and attention grabbing! Wish I could have taken a picture of the same.


But I think what Ghajini has done is far more catchy and really unique in terms of promotion strategy. Ghajini promoters have tied up with leading multiplexes in Mumbai where multiplex staffs have volunteered to sport the famous Ghajini hairstyle from 9th Dec – 25th Dec’08. Well, actually they have gone bald like Aamir, so I am not sure how they are saying that this promotion is valid only till 25th Dec’08. I think it has to be valid till they don’t get their hair back…LOL, isn’t it? Can you imagine everybody i.e., right from administrative and refreshment counter staffs to ushers being bald at the same time??? Have a look on this pic and for more such pics check out this NDTV photo gallery.





I must say I found this promotion to be quite interesting and very hatke! At least I had not heard of this kind of thing before in Bollywood. Looks like Ghajini is not leaving any stone unturned for competing against the big releases like RNBDJ and Jumbo. Though jumbo is a movie of very different genre but RNBDJ is definitely having SRK and when it’s a competition between SRK & Aamir…well the whole world knows how and what it is J. Promotion wise definitely Ghajini is standing out more, but let’s see who stands out more at BO finally?



  1. verbivorehere

    oooo tht was an interesting stuff..the entire crew going bald 😉 man! sure does take some effort.. “hatke” it is for sure.. RBDJ not sure how itd fare! Ghajini was a major hit in tamil i guess! lets c

  2. tanvi

    yes kanu i also liked the 3D poster of rab na bana di which i saw at the one n only multiplex of ranchi 🙂 n yesterday itself some news channel was showin how aamir was givin the ghajini hairstyle to some commoners. v intersting

  3. Abhishek

    This is actually nice strategy and media hyped it naming it Aamir’s strategy to guerilla ‘Rab Ne..’. Idiots.
    Yesterday saw a news that Aamir actually took the scissors and gave Ghajini cut to two fans 🙂

  4. Abhishek

    Why does this blog give me such a stupid photo 🙁

  5. Kanupriya

    @ Verbi: Thanks for dropping by..yeah lets see how Ghajini does, I personally liked RNBDJ

    @ Tanvi: Aha in Ranchi too? That’s cool

    @ Abhishek: Oh wow, looks like Aamir is into full Ghajini promo swing. Which photo? Your profile one? i guess its auto-generated from wordpress.

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