Luck has bid its final adieu

Hope seems to be fading away,
Optimism is on the verge to betray;
Life is painted all over blue,
Luck has bid its final adieu.

Nothing seems to be going right,
Peaceful days are out of sight;
Problems are many, solutions a few,
Luck has bid its final adieu.

Shattered dreams n grit weakened,
Life seems to have reached a dead-end;
Now I don’t know what to do,
Luck has bid its final adieu.

– Kanupriya

This picture is one of my acrylic paintings done last year & as far as this post is concerned, ummm very unlike of me to write something in this style. Initially I wrote a post about absence of “Mr. Luck” from my life in a general paragraph style but few editing here & there has given it a shape like this. Wondering what could be the reason for the same – maybe I’m into lots of poems these days esp. hindi ones as I am working on typing & editing whole lot of poems of my mom or maybe it’s my gloomy & introspective mood! Hmmm…


  1. Meera

    Wow, that’s a beautiful painting!

    And very nice poem too, though quite sad but maybe it reflects your current mood or state of mind well.

  2. TreazureChest_Nids

    Good try and success too! Nice poem….

  3. Renu

    Good painting, but poem is very sad, try to come out of this sadness.

  4. tellmeyourdreams

    v nicely put down and identify totallu with it…somehow luck makes u adjust so much that after a point u stop realising how much u are adjusting!!!!

  5. tellmeyourdreams

    very nicely put down n i also

  6. The Survivor

    That's a beautiful painting!!

    Nice poem too…

  7. Shefaly

    Hi, is it your first poem? Its really really nice, luvd reading it & cud relate to it mayb becoz m also goin thru same mood.

  8. Nautankey

    Wow…the painting looks mind blowing!! now am confused which adjective to use for the poetry. Dont do this to us kanu,the lesser mortal readers who have limited vocabulary :-).

    At times gloom inspires us to do things which we wont do in a normal frame of mind.

  9. Kanupriya

    @ Nids: 😀 thnx

    @ Meera: Hmmm, its sad but that's what I felt like writing

    @ Renu: Hmmm trying 🙂

  10. Kanupriya

    @ tellmeyourdreams: yea agree

    @ nautankey: hee hee hee

    @ shefaly: no, its not. have written some earlier too but loooong back when i was in school & college.

    @ survivor: thanx 🙂

  11. Anu

    hey kanu, nice painting & very nice poem too :-). BTW y have u written "unlike" of u? did u stop writing poems? i still remember your lovely poem "I dream" which got published in college magazine. Keep writing, me also starting my blog soon 😀 but of course I will only write abt sonny dear.

  12. Lakshmi

    Hi Kanu,

    I must say the poem and the Painting is awsome… Hope is the only thing we live in life with… it may fade away but you can bounce it back… listen to music especially of a sitar player niladri kumar.. it will calm you down. And dont forget the taquila ha ha ha…. bounce back beautiful lady… life is to enjoy and have fun with. dont let it gloom away….

  13. Tarun Kohli

    Hey Kanu… words here….all i can do is bow to ur tallent and say keep writting….loved the poem n the painting

  14. Maya

    you really are a multi-talented person, i always wished i cud sketh

  15. Kanupriya

    @ Anu: hmmm…good old college days! Yea I think I've stopped writing poems for quite many years now.And send me ur blog link soon 🙂

    @ Laksh: Heyyy gr8 to see u here & thanx for the lovely comment lady! When I have company like you around me, I am sure I'll bounce back 😀

  16. Kanupriya

    @ Tarun: Hey so good to see u here, never knew earlier u into blogging too, will visit ur link soon & thanks for ur nice words 🙂

    @ Smita: 😀 🙂 😀

    @ Maya: thnx 🙂

  17. Abhishek

    beautiful painting, beautiful poem…

    ironically both on little less jovial side!

  18. verbivorehere

    hey both the poem and the pic is so touching..a sense of loneliness and a painful tug which we often feel!!! gr8 🙂 sometimes such moods make you creative! the product sure is gr8!

  19. ani_aset

    nice painting, and lovely poem

  20. tearsndreams

    Both the painting and the poem.
    And I can totally identify with how sometimes you do not intend writing a poem and the words just flow. Hope it happens more often.
    And hope that was just a phase and Mr luck is back now.

  21. Ersa

    nice poem and an awesome painting…

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