Back with “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince”

Well, I’ve been off from blogging scene for last 2 weeks now. Wondering which one could have been the larger reason for the same – hectic work, my intention to be off laptop after work hours till late night, writing some long work related documents thereby lesser intent to write personal posts or a combination of all these? I think larger one is definitely me not being on laptop for long at nights these days but I think I’m enjoying it like this as of now. At least I’m able to trade off that time with gym or walk. Now that I’m back I have too many things to share but lemme stick to only one topic for this post & that has to be of course HARRY POTTER :-).

Yes, yes I watched it on Saturday itself, though missed initial few minutes of it (thanks to horrible Bangalore traffic on weekends)!!! And I am the kind of person who has to watch a movie from absolute START i.e., from that censor board certificate to Chopra or Mehra presents…so one can understand the frustration of missing the beginning of a movie like Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince! Grrrrr…###…!!!…but few minutes into the movie & my anger simply vanished as I got completely engrossed in it. As any other HP movie, it was fun & captivating. Lord Voldermort, the Death Eaters wreck havoc in London and danger is hovering over Hogwarts too. In Hogwarts, during a potion making class, Harry comes across an old copy of book belonging to ‘Half Blood-Prince’. From there starts a perilous journey of Harry along with old Dumbledore leading to different twist & turns and finally a dark end. Of course I’m not going to give you all details of the movie in the interest of those who have not watched it till now. Anyways, Harry Potter movies are review-proof I think, whatever be the feedback or critic rating you have to read the book or watch the movie to experience it on your own. Movie was good but well it was less of fantasy & more of drama this time. Ron & Hermione were more interested in their love lives than the problems surrounding Hogwarts and their acting somehow seemed to be very plastic, others surely were damn good. Despite being a good movie, I somehow felt that there was something amiss and this definitely did not qualify as “my most favorite Harry Potter movie” for sure. A darker shade with an end which leaves you wanting for more, this movie overall is surely a must-watch for all Potter lovers and one-time watch for others. After all you need to see the movie at least once which has broken all records of midnight BO collection 🙂
Other details of the movie:
  • Duration of the movie: 2 hours 40 mins
  • Best to watch it with: Anyone, but a better treat with kids.
  • Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Gombon, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbint
  • Director: David Yates
  • My Rating: 4 / 5 (Very Good)


  1. ani_aset

    i'll just say hi..and no comments..i hate HP

  2. Jack


    Thanks for review. No time to visit?

    Take care

  3. numerounity

    Hmmm Nice review!

  4. The Survivor

    I am also thinking of catching up with the movie.

    It got some great reviews.

  5. Psych Babbler

    I watched it too but was greatly disappointed. I haven't watched the 4th and 5th because the 3rd one was so not like the book that I gave up on the movies. This movie just confirmed that for me. I guess if we don't compare it with the book it's okay but I felt a lot of important issues were not given any significance in the movie and instead the romantic relationships were given more time. Oh well, I'll stop now.

  6. Tarun Kohli

    Hi..i agree that in this part there was some thing missing…i am a HP fan….but for some reaon i did not enjoy this movie as i did the earlier once. ya. for a HP fan it is a must watch.

    take care and keep writing

  7. Kanupriya

    @ ani: hi, oh really? but y so?

    @ Jack: thanx, will surely visit.

    @ The Survivor: Do catch if u love HP.

  8. Kanupriya

    @ Numerounity: thanx 🙂

    @ Tarun: same here, somehow expected more.

    @ Psych: totally agree, if u dont compare HP books with movie then they seem to be fine…this one had something amiss.

  9. ani_aset

    forgot to say one thing..your template is way too heavy..takes ages for the page to load…

    I didn't realise i was commenting on blog of a marketing pro..we did a project on HP during MBA…as to how well they have marketed their stuff

  10. ani_aset

    It just seems nothing more than sheer marketing to trick innocent people.
    Beyond this i will stay mum 😀

  11. Varun

    Some scenes were really stunning, and over all plot outline was much darker, Ron's tipsy turvy romance was nice too and never broke the rythm of the movie.

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