1. ani_aset

    Its very strange..i was just thinking of putting my own list of movies today..will do a post soon..i will check the list..seems like a good one

  2. Iya

    awesome kanu, way to go..

  3. Abhishek

    Super 🙂 Now we have another name added to list of celebrity bloggers 😉

    I have seen Persepolis and it is this visual novel kind of animation which makes immediate impact.
    My recommendation is an Iranian film 'Children of Heaven'.

  4. verbivorehere

    hey nice to see your article published :). Out of the entire list I have seen only amelie..i agree it sure was nice.. Do see 'life is beautiful' u might have already..if not im sure ull love it..

  5. Sneo

    cool! congrats 🙂

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