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OMG, again I’ve not come back to my blog for soooo long and I only realized it when a reader emailed me that she is missing my posts. Looks like one of my resolutions for 2010 has to be about being regular on my blog. There are so many things which I wanted to blog about but blame it on twitter, farmville or busy schedule including weekends that I’ve not been able to do so. And December weekends are all the more pre-occupied, well with so many good movies releasing every Friday and some cool live concerts happening in Bangalore, how is one supposed to sit at home and spend time with laptop? The only thing which has made me spend time on my laptop over weekends is harvesting as it’s just not possible for me to let my crops die at my farm in Farmville. Such a hard working farmer I’m! Apart from my kheti-baari, every weekend I’ve ended up watching some nice movies and I think all four movies which I watched in December were amazing – be it Scent of a Woman on DVD, or Paa, Rocket Singh and the latest one Avatar in theaters.

Hmmm one mention of Avatar and lo I’m again spell-bound. I think it would be prudent to say that I’ve not seen anything so magnificent and terrific in my life ever. This movie is simply outstanding and soooo….uh I’m running short of adjectives now. Story wise it was just another fantasy movie with added flavor of love story in it but visually it’s a treat for your eyes. The 3D effects are mind blowing. There are scenes which have just made me jump out of my seat. It’s thrilling and must must must watch for everybody. Do watch it no later than today in case you have not till now. Only a director of James Cameron caliber could have done justice to this film. And speaking of caliber, I think I need to mention the acting potential of Mr. Bachchan. With his character as Auro in Paa he once again has proved it that there is only one Amitabh Bachchan in overall cinema industry. Man, what a film and what a performance! Paa is a beautiful story of mother-son relationship (yea, I think it was more mother-son than father-son story as advertised in promo campaigns). BigB’s portrayal as Auro just leaves you amazed, and the bigger surprise package is Vidya Balan as the mother of 13 year old Auro. Only an actor of Amitabh Bachchan’s caliber could have done justice to this film. Once again a must watch, if you have not watched it till now. Rocket Singh was nice too but it’s definitely not a mass movie; mostly people with corporate career can relate to this movie better. I personally liked it. Scent of a woman was awesome, I don’t think I need to write anything about it; in fact I’m wondering why I never watched it earlier. Next on my “watch-list” is 3 idiots which I’m going to watch sometime soon.

So, that’s all on movie front. Will be back with my year-end post in a day or two. In the meantime, here’s wishing all my readers a very happy new year. Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season to the fullest 🙂


  1. Naveen

    U'hv got a nice blog!!…btw watch Forrest gump and Cast Away in case u hv nt….(I assume tat u r a movie freak!!)
    Cheers to Life!!

  2. Nu

    Hey Kan ! Of course you gotta be regular at writing…I look forward to read your posts… 🙂

    I agree with your assessment of PAA…Amitabh has done it again ! The magic 🙂

    I strongly recommend "3 idiots"..I'm a big Aamir fan..but I'm not being biased..the movie hits you right in your heart…you sure will have a hearty laugh..and will be glued to the screen..!

  3. Sneo

    hey Kanupria.. welcome back..
    whats your twitter id? me tweets a lot too nowadays

  4. Rajesh Rajgor

    Hi, I dnt remember whethr i posted earlier to you, but yes i write sometimes for fridaytadka i dnt work there. Hey I like the lay out of your blog…especially the header…could u guide me to do so on my blog…U can visit my blog and suggest the needful…I also like the add-on u have at the left and right side bars..how do u do that…I dnt know y google rejected my ad's approval is it bcoz i have some content in Hindi…u seem well verse with all this i wud appreciate if u can guide me…
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  5. Miss M

    Havent watched Paa but I watched Avatar and LOVED it! James took technology to a whole new level with that movie!

    Though the movie could have been shorter.

  6. Roshan

    that cracks me up!
    almost every pal of mine on facebook is addicted to farmville and i seriously doubt whether their working hours is actually productive.

    3 idiots bring back to my mind my college days. but i hate aamir,the director and the scriptwriter for not giving credit to chetan bhagat.

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