The art of communication

Sometimes even the most important thing can be communicated in such a simple way and an interesting communication always adds to the beauty of any promotion campaign.
Visited the Café Coffee Day next to my office and the two cappuccinos served for me and my colleague looked like this 🙂

Need I write anything more? Nahi na…the messaging on coffees brought smile to my face and personally speaking, I liked it.
Myntra, a Bangalore based personalized merchandising company has done a tie-up with Café Coffee Day to promote its IPL special t-shirts and jerseys in CCD outlets. Instead of the whole outlet being painted with danglers or streamers, this was the communication to me as a customer and my immediate reaction was – “what’s this about, can you tell me more details”? As a customer it appealed to me at the first exposure itself and made me curious enough to ask for details. No heavy bombardment with the messaging yet the connect with a potential customer established at the first point itself 🙂


  1. Pankti

    Wow! simply effective communication and brilliantly executed!

  2. Chethan

    This is Truly Awesome Idea!

  3. Mohan

    nice partnership strategy… also a very good ad serving method along with the customer orders!

  4. Pankti

    Did that painting a few months ago …glad u liked it…
    Since i know u paint, would love to see ur work!

  5. furyon46


    Thx you for your informations!
    5 Stars!


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