Zoozoos popular than celeb endorsers?

Well, it’s Zoozoos & only Zoozoos all over, be it any marketing meeting which I attend or a casual chat amongst group of friends, “zoozoos” is definitely one of the topics which has to crop up in any such marketing discussion these days. I don’t think I want to write any review on Zoozoos ads or my insight on these commercials, simply put this concept is outstanding & has become a phenomena in itself. If you want to read more about the birth of this idea you can read it here and success of this concept especially in digital media can be read here.

I think Zoozoos are the cutest characters ever created in the ad world and I have got so hooked on to this characters especially in online world that these days I log on to my facebook account to see updates from “Zoozoos”. Yeah that’s absolutely right; such is the impact of Zoozoos on consumers like me! As I am writing this post, official fan club of Zoozoo on facebook is having 143,777 fans. And this was 143,112 just when I started writing this post 3-4 mins back. I know of people who don’t miss commercial breaks between IPL matches to just catch up on Zoozoos & have joined twitter specifically to follow updates of Zoozoos. Their videos, ringtone, photos, quizzes, facebook app, sound bytes – everything is so cute but as per me cutest are their emoticons & wallpapers. My laptop currently is adorned with the following Zoozoo wallpaper :-).


Now, as I was thinking of winding up this post I refreshed the facebook page again & Zoozoo fan club has reached 143,642 members already. Well, 530 new fans in just 15 minutes…need I say anything more? Hats off to the brains behind this campaign, truly a marvelous work. Zoozoos are the latest stars & definitely more popular as endorser than many bollywood & sports celebrities.