MySpace advances with Indian Entertainment Content

Joining the league of hosting official online communities for Indian movies / reality shows is now MySpace India. Social networking site MySpace will be hosting the official community of Star Plus dance reality Show, Nach Baliye – 4. MySpace is aggressively promoting this program so much so that most of the home page estate of Myspace has been allocated to Nach Baliye promos and content. The “Nach Baliye online community” is offering official content like photos, vidoes, inside stories, behind the scene scoop, wallpapers etc. Apart from these, viewers can vote for jodis (couples) as well as read the official blog giving all updates about the show. It’s also expected to have an online game based on Nach Baliye jodis but as of now I don’t see this feature up on the page.



Well, this trend of having an official community has picked up pretty fast in India. Now every other Bollywood release is having an official community on popular networking sites like Orkut or Facebook, to add to that there are these budding websites who have grabbed some interesting opportunities of being the official online community partner for entertainment properties. We saw some successful examples like Rock On community on Bigadda or Bigg Boss – season 2 community on and not so successful examples like recent release Karzzzz community again on Bigadda. Social media is definitely a great medium to reach the larger mass in a very cost effective way and has been beneficial for some of the movies / entertainment programs. But if the site hosting such communities is a new one or one with lesser traffic then it’s more beneficial for that site as most of these programs are heavily promoted on television as well as online medium with repeated mention of the site thereby leading to more eyeballs and increased traffic. If news of increased traffic and pageviews of Bigadda has to be believed then this strategy of hosting official community has definitely worked for Bigadda, now let’s see if it works for other players like In or MySpace as well who are entering / have entered the same arena.

BigB’s blog statistics – Bigadda or BigBadda?

I had written earlier about BigB blogging on and initially I had read some of his posts as well but then in due course of time I stopped visiting his blog. But today I dropped into his blog again mainly because of some noise in media about his recent posts and oh the look and feel has changed completely from what it used to be during its initial days but nevertheless this new look is quite impressive! And the first quote by Harivansh Rai Bachchan is as always soooo good! But what caught my attention was the fact the current post is of day 151 and almost everyday there is atleast one post posted on that blog. Wow, this is really regular and good! As I said in my earlier post if it is BigB genuinely writing these posts then it is praiseworthy. Even if he is narrating and some content writer from BigAdda is writing it on his behalf then too I think its commendable, though because of so much of personal touch I am forced to think that its BigB who is writing all these posts. What caught my next attention was the post of day 140 which mentions the traffic of his blog since April’08, here is a snapshot of some of the important figures available on his blog:

  • Unique visitors since April08 – 1,05,0,520
  • Unique visitor for Sept 08 – 37,509
  • Average number of visits per day – 16,000 +
  • Total number of visits since April08 – 2,37,0,000
  • Total page views since April – 1,14,00,000
  • Average page views per day – 100,000

For once I think Bigadda has not hyped up this figure much. Considering the number of comments which any post is receiving on this blog (on an average each post receives somewhere between 700-1000 comments), I am sure 16000+ daily visitors is sort of a real figure. And 11.4 million pageviews is a very striking figure considering its hardly a six month old blog. Not many websites also achieve this kind of figures in such a short span. Good for Bigadda, atleast they have one differentiator now which can bring more traffic to their website. Otherwise there was hardly anything on their website (apart from those “lets catch up” ads on which they wasted few crores to get some one time visitors, LOL 🙂) which can make anyone visit their site again. With a 16,000+ daily visitor count, I am sure BigB’s blog is contributing to a major % of their daily traffic. Infact recently bigadda has changed their UI, considering the % contribution and the fact that this is Bigadda’s only strong point, I am wondering if apart from UI, Bigadda should have gone for a re-branding exercise as well and change it to BigBadda 🙂

Overall very remarkable statistics considering its just a blog, but afterall its BigB’s blog!