Challenges in lead generation campaign:

Well, I’ve been doing lots of lead generation campaign for my current organization and for this organization, lead based campaign is more important than acquisition or brand awareness. The service which is being offered requires sort of consultative selling hence its better to get qualified leads which is followed by the internal telesales team. Considering that this is a start-up, the organization is very ROI driven and we have always been extra cautious to get the right kind of leads in the most cost effective way. But despite our efforts, we are facing some genuine issues in our lead generation campaign. I am stating here the results as well as the issues faced by me in this campaign: 

  • The campaign is SEM campaign – text ads, contextual display, ad networks and blog networks
  • The ads lead to a landing page which is a lead capturing page
  • To ensure more correct leads, I’ve announced a contest as well on the landing page
  • Approx 52% – 54% of the leads are correct for us
  • Rest 46% – 48% are junk leads – ie., numbers are incorrect or fake.
  • Because of higher % of junk leads, my cost per correct lead is going very high.

 Though I’ve read it as well as experienced in my earlier campaigns that generally internet campaign leads to higher % junk leads. But was wondering as to what’s the general trend across industry? I wanted to have some real time data for

  • Approx % of correct lead which a typical internet campaign leads to?
  • What’s the general cost per qualified lead which one can get? I know lots depend on the category for which the campaign runs, but can somebody share some approx figures for different categories, say insurance, movie ticketing, games, e-commerce sites etc?

 I’m hunting for the data on my own as well, but was thinking if I can hear of some other experiences as well. Thanks in advance for your comments J