Dettol goes SEM way!

Have been caught up in other things to update this blog, though have got many insights to share but due to paucity of time, I’ll stick to a short one; will be back with another post soon 🙂

First a small update: Few days back, one of my article came on pluggdin, check out: Twitter getting Twilmy: An opportunity for brands? @

Now coming down to this post, 2-3 days back while surfing for some content related to swine in Google, I glanced upon this:


This sponsored ad of Dettol was definitely not there two days back. Surprising to see Dettol using a digital route & that too by banking on swine flu!

Another case of Chance Pe Dance marketing but nevertheless a good initiative! Not only Dettol, there were few others also in the same search screen who were utilizing this buzz word for promotions, like alibaba or ebay doing SEM for swine flu prevention kits. Before this I had not observed Dettol going SEM way in India. The ad title read H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) & baseline read “Dettol kills 99.9% bacteria & Flu Viruses. Learn more now!” The ad led to Dettol website where there was a section on H1N1 virus & germ protection. Considering the rise in search for swine flu related key words this was definitely an interesting strategy to grab some eyeballs and promote products indirectly. Main route was educative one but the very facts that one need to wash hands frequently or sanitize his environment with a good disinfectant establishes a strong connect with the product proposition and leads to promotion in an implicit way. A smart campaign by Dettol in the right way at the right time and through the right medium, Swine Flu and related keywords are definitely the hot search words these days. Would be interesting to see any coverage for the aftereffect of this campaign both in terms of website hits or actual sales.