Attention Economy 2021

Dealing with Attention Economy in 2021


Pay Attention.

Pay For Attention.

Attention Economy.

Attention Is Scarce.

Value Attention.

Some of the lines I speak and hear quite often at work and home. The challenge is the same across both spectrums of my life – attracting the attention of my target audience. 

At home, the target audience being the spouse and the child. And goal being making them listen to me at one go. This isn’t easy, at least in my household! Especially with the spouse. So, when I see my spouse reacting to the child not paying attention. I try to remind him of a simple rule. If you want the child to listen to you when you talk, you have to do the same. Pause from browsing your screen. Look into his eyes and talk. The child will reciprocate. Kids imitate us, sometimes intentionally, most of the time unintentionally. 

Attention pays back. This is tried and tested. It has worked for me both as a mother and a marketer. 

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