Entrepreneurship lessons revisited during the COVID crisis 

As part of one of my recent projects, last quarter I got a chance to interact with some awesome entrepreneurs from Central Europe. While the discussions were primarily around pivoting during the pandemic, there were many other learnings for me about entrepreneurship and life in general. Sometimes candid conversations give us many more insights than planned discussions.

As Charles Handy said, The best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people, not in classrooms.

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Calling all Women Entrepreneurs

This post is especially for women readers of my blog. Women’s Web team is conducting a survey on ‘Women and Entrepreneurship’ in India. The result of this survey would be shared freely on their website. The team feels that with more women in India starting businesses than ever before, it’s a good time to understand what are the factors challenging women as entrepreneurs, and what they need to succeed. This study will be useful to existing / aspiring women entrepreneurs, advisors and or anybody who works with entrepreneurs.

So, can I request all my women readers who are running their own businesses to take out few minutes of their busy schedules and respond to their survey here? The more the participation, the better the analysis. So, please support by responding to the survey as well as spreading the word. Thanks!