The Jane Austen Book Club

Well, finally finished reading this book & it was like yawwwnnn! It definitely gets listed in my “drag-gone” category; yeah it was draaaaggggging & finally was gone after lots of effort! Uh the thought of writing about this book itself makes me feel zzzzzzz. But still I will write about it in the interest of those who can pick up this book reading all the good testimonials mentioned on its cover. In fact I had picked up this book with lots of expectations myself esp. because had heard whole lot of good things about the movie based on this book & secondly the cover page of the book really hard sells it to be a great reading. My general assumption is that if it’s a movie based on any book then generally the book is better to read as compared to watching the movie but guess I was wrong in this case. Book was definitely not worth the hype.

As the title suggest, “The Jane Austen Book Club” is a story of six members of a book club who meet & discuss Jane Austen’s novels once a month. The group consists of 5 women – Jocelyn, Sylvia, Prudie, Allegra, Bernadette & 1 man – Grigg. Jocelyn who is the initiator of this book club believes that it is essential to reintroduce Austen into your life regularly & that’s why she starts this book club. Each of their monthly book club meeting unfolds their own stories & some association with Austen’s novels.

Personally speaking I loved Austen’s novels & hence thought I might like a book which is based on a book club of Jane Auten, but then I will say I was disappointed. Mainly because this book lacked the grip to hold my attention, after a few pages itself I lost my interest & found the flow of the book to be very confusing. Till last I could not understand the main point which author was trying to make. I know it was meant to be a light & fun read but somewhere it never served that purpose. So, from my side it’s a thumbs down for this book totally.

Other details of the book:
: Karen Joy Fowler
Price: I had bought it a dirt cheap price in a book sale 🙂 but think the original price of the book is Rs. 560/-
Special Note: It took me 7 weeks to drag & finally finish this 243 paged book. Reason – couldn’t read more than 10 pages at one go!

I’m off to “Marrying Anita” now, was supposed to read “Outliers” but guess I need to read a funny book after this Book Club thingy before I go for a serious read 🙂


  1. Shayari


    Gladwell’s Outliers? Well do share your take on it. Kinda apprehensive of the book.. esp after having read the author’s Blink.

  2. Aarthi

    Watch the movie, its better than book!

  3. Sharanya

    I don’t know about the book, but the movie is absolutely charming 🙂

  4. Renu

    kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hota ha..naam bade aur darshan chhote,aur books me to kaafi hota ha mere saath.

    me reading Ludlum now..a..days:)

  5. Smita

    Have heard about the book but thanks for saving my money 😉

  6. Kanupriya

    @ Aarthi: Yea heard so.

    @ Shayari: Sure, will do.

  7. Kanupriya

    @ Smita: :):D

    @ Renu: Yea it was one of the classical cases of “naam bade aur darshan chote”

    @ Sharanya: Thanx for dropping by, yea think movie will be better.

  8. DonateYourPC

    I thought you picked the book because of those beautiful strawberries on the cover 😀

    BTW.. I had read that ‘Never judge a book by its movie!’

    Some ppl said that abt The Namesake, but I loved the book too.

  9. Renu

    Hey in the name sake..I loved the book more than the movie:)

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