A quick take on 2010 & wish you a happy new year!

Well, a lot has happened in 2010 for Indian Marketing and Media industry. While I will come back with detailed posts on some of the brand case studies which created impact this year, but as of now here goes a quick take on my “likes” & “dislikes” for marketing incidents that occurred in 2010

  1. A rebranding which I liked : Indian Rupee Symbol
  2. A rebranding which I disliked: Airtel
  3. A marketing trend which I liked: Social Media becoming mainstream, few predicted this but not many were sure or convinced about it till last year.
  4. A brand which completely wowed me: Flipkart
  5. A brand which always delivered what it committed to me: Indigo
  6. A new product /service which I started using in 2010: Online luxury shopping portals and totally addicted to FashionAndYou.com
  7. A old category coming out with newer marketing techniques: Books, wow what innovative marketing stories in Indian Literature Industry.
  8. An ad which really created a buzz: Volkswagen Vento talking newspaper ads
  9. An ad which I hated : IBIBO, JK Cement Swimming Pool ad
  10. Ad which I liked for its social messaging: ”’Tata Tea Choti & Badi Patti’ and ‘Tum Chalo Toh Hindustand Chale by TOI

I may update this list later if some more related points come to my mind, till then do drop in comments about the stories which you liked or brands which you hated in 2010.

With this last post for 2010, here’s wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year! May you have a rocking & great 2011!


  1. Rupanshi Anand

    agree quiet a lot to what is mentioned above, but especially to the advertisement initiative taken by toi and volkswagon advertisement.
    they actually came up with a new advertisement form.
    wat we used to see or rather hear in archies greeting card has turned out to be one of the most innovative means of advertising i ve ever seen.
    also both the companies were taking a major form of risk which turned out to be very successful.

  2. Rupanshi Anand

    The new gimmick by volkswagon and TOI is awesome and as expected, they r back in limelight.
    Discussing in the office about their new strategy a colleague of mine commented on their spending so much but output so little, my opinion was that out discussing about the company and its advertising strategy is a lot of output in itself.
    Seeing a front page ad of BMW the other day made me ponder over the fact tht is that bmw can think of counter attack their competitors????

    Also it made me think about why would the two companies need to do this since it caters to niche market wherein people in that segment do not react much to these gimicks…

    Would welcome your views on this kanupriya….

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