Hello World!

Hello World! I think it’s an apt title for a post that appears on this space after a gap of almost an year. Sigh! Writing is one love that I don’t want to give up on but somehow have been badly struggling to get back to. Not that I haven’t yearned or tried to get back to my blogs, in fact the number of times I have tried to write a post but have not been able to complete… (another sigh), innumerable! Though I could manage to write couple of posts on medium but then after initial few, a long block again. Blame it on my super crazy schedule now, a demanding child, demanding job and hundreds of other demands in this or that aspect of life. I at times wonder if I will ever get some quiet moments for myself.
I also wonder if it would be a better idea to get back to a diary instead of word docs or online drafts. The moment you get connected to a digital system, it’s simply mind numbing. The number of tabs opened on your laptop or the number of notifications that are beeping on your phone – I at times wonder do I really need so many information about anyone, everyone, anything and everything. Many a times I also take a conscious effort to turn off internet and start writing few words but then damn the real life distractions that are unavoidable now.
But I definitely want to get back to writing again and this time I am trying really hard. Have also thought of adopting some suggestions by others to find some me-time. I really, really need to, if not for anything else but for my own peace of mind and for a better me. Let’s see if I am able to and if I can, I will surely get back to you with my feedback on what worked for me. Until then if you have any suggestions for me, do drop me a note in comment section below.  (Ha ha, high hopes of getting comments when not even sure if anyone of you still come here 🙂)

Look forward to more conversation and interaction with you once again! 

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