Creativity Goes On

I am sure you would have seen this ad by now. 

Simple yet brilliant – that’s what Apple messages always are.

And most importantly, to the point. 

Creativity Goes On By Apple

Like most of the product and marketing folks, it’s no surprise that even I have always been fascinated with the power of simplicity that brands like Apple have made us believe in. 

But another thing that has been interesting about Apple’s messaging to me on a personal level is their focus on creativity.

While creativity as a concept has existed ever since the human race has been into existence but let’s accept it – 

Thanks to social media, creativity has become mainstream now.

How many of you remember the term “Creative Types” which wasn’t used in a very positive tone earlier?

For people like me who had always been inclined towards arts and writing since childhood but ended up being in a regular STEM career due to multiple reasons, this wave of change is a welcome one.

While I had a regular & rewarding corporate career but as I climbed up the ladder, it’s my this corporate career that made me believe in the power of creativity more.

From product innovations to marketing messages, the need for creative thinking existed everywhere.

And on the personal front too, the act of creation, even smallest of things, like painting a bookmark or baking a teacake at the end of a tiring day became a source of joy and relaxation for me over the years. 

During this lockdown, I saw this happening with many others around me. I saw people rediscovering their inner creatives and I saw people finding joy in creating simple things in life. 

If DIY videos saw a jump of 80% during this phase, coffee recipe viewing went up by 200%. While the search for plant and herbs kit at home grew by 100% in google, the hashtag #lockdownart got more than 100k mentions on Instagram. 

The whole stay-at-home phase gave us the time at hand that many of us experienced for the first time in our lives. And people across the globe used this time to follow their creative pursuits in innovative ways.

Speaking of innovation, the world also saw many creative solutions to problems that were unimagined until sometime back. From schooling to healthcare to relationships, many new offerings came into the market that kept our life going on.

As Apple mentions it beautifully, 

“We have always believed deeply in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we’re inspired by people in every corner of the world finding new ways to share their creativity, ingenuity, humanity, and hope.”

Cheers to messaging like these that celebrate the power of creativity so beautifully. 

As lockdown is easing out across the globe (thank God for that), my hope and wish – may this childlike spirit of creation that many of us experienced for the first time, continue forever. I strongly believe everyone has some or other creative side to their personality, may we utilize it and seek more joy in the process of actual creation than in constant virtual connection.

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