What is branding?

No, I am not going to write yet another post on a topic for which more than 10,000 books &  8,000,000,000+ google search results exist. Even though millions of resources exist but there are only a few that catch your attention and this post is about that :).

I recently shared a personal anecdote on how brand influences action. What I bought was just another drugstore brand but why I bought it, had some correlation between brand and buyer behavior. The why of my buying behavior resonated with fellow professionals in some of the marketing and startup groups that I am a part of. While I received much positive feedback about the post but it also ignited a discussion on what is branding? Not surprisingly, everyone had an opinion, but not a consistent one. These groups have a mix of professionals from marketing, product, design, and entrepreneurship background and all these roles require an understanding of branding, albeit of a different scale. So, it was interesting to listen to different perspectives, especially from designers and marketers. 

It indeed is a vast topic and no one blog post, video, or book can do justice to it. To add to that, the rapidly changing marketing landscape has added additional layers to this topic. But whatever be the change in the overall landscape, the fundamentals of branding remain the same.

Here’re three videos that I think best sum up this topic and crisply explain –

What is branding

What is NOT branding

How brand influences action

To start with – What Is branding? And there can’t be an explanation simpler than this one. I love David Brier’s work and his way of simplifying complex topics. Have a look to believe what I am saying.

And the next one on – What is NOT branding? While the title says “what is branding”, trust me it’s one of the best resources that I have come across to explain What is NOT branding? 

And the last one, on how branding impacts our buying behavior. This topic is long and complex. Forget about one video, a topic like this perhaps can’t be understood in detail even after reading a few books. However, if you would like to spend some time on any one video to understand the science behind consumer behavior and how branding impacts buying, it would be this brilliant talk by Terry Wu. I think it’s one of the underrated videos on Youtube that deserves more likes than it’s having currently.

Have any video recommendations better than these on this topic? Drop me the link in the comment section below. Would love to see content that simplifies this complex topic 🙂

There are many many and many good books too on this topic, will be sharing some of my favorite ones in the next post soon. 

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