Hello December

For this month, I have decided to write posts beyond marketing and product. On topics that are from my day to day life. I used to write a mix of posts earlier but in between, I stopped. Now I wish to restart. Why? Because I want to :). Also,

It’s December!

A month of reflection, reconnection, and reevaluation. 

A month to reset!

While many will go into reflecting and repositioning mood, a whole lot of people will also share their year-end summary of life. Some real ones highlighting the genuine pain and struggles they went through. Some with success stories along with the challenges and effort it took to reach there. And some sharing their achievements, and snippets from their picture-perfect life.

But if you’re one of those who has had a crazy year, my request to you like every year would be to take a deep breath and ignore those posts. This year, I say it louder than the last time – ignore the noise. As, this year hasn’t been easy for many. 

2020 has been tough in ways more than we could have ever imagined. Many are fighting their own battles. Some trying to cope up with the loss of a loved one, some dealing with the loss of a job. Some haven’t been able to see their family members for months. Some staying with families but struggling to balance it out in the new work-from-home life.

It’s been indeed insane! Unplanned! And chaotic!

In case you’re one of those who can resonate with it, you’re not alone. 

You’re not alone if you haven’t been able to achieve your goals this year.

You’re not alone if you aren’t feeling upbeat.

You’re not alone if this year has been rough for you.

You’re not alone if you’re feeling lost or have lost something/someone close to you.

This month might get tougher for you, with the year-end loudness around. Just ignore the noise and keep going. If you can’t continue, take a pause. Start again whenever you think you can.

Sometimes, it’s not about getting to a destination; it’s about holding on until the sea becomes calm enough to navigate.

Ignore the noise, hold on, and let the storm pass.

This post is more like a note to self for me than for everyone else :).

Have a happy December. Let’s hope the world heals soon and peace prevails.

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