Changing with times: Amar Chitra Katha

Recently while doing some grocery shopping in one of the retail stores, I glanced on TINKLE digest which was kept on the billing counter itself…and well, as usual I couldn’t refrain myself from buying it (Pssst…Shhh with a hidden face I am accepting that though I’m in my late 20s but I still can’t resist comics like Archies, Tintin, Tinkle etc… :P). Anyways, the comic was as interesting as ever but something which caught my immediate attention was the back cover page of the book. The page was heavily promoting online shopping of Tinkle comics as well as e-comics and contest on their website . Hmmm, looks like they have also revamped their website now and that’s why aggressively promoting their e-content.

Curious enough I clicked their URL and the first impression was WOW! Well, lots of changes as compared to their earlier website. Being a Tinkle fan, I had checked their old website once or twice earlier but there was nothing much for me to go back again. But new UI definitely gave an impression that even this 42 year old Indian Comic giant is changing with times. Not only they have changed the look and feel but they have introduced some other interesting features as well which is giving the website overall a modern outlook. I spent quite some time in navigating through the new website and here are some of the things which I personally liked about it:

  • Homepage looks neat and nice. Navigation is quite easy now.

  • Focus is not only on promoting its own content but rather creating user generated content as well. One section clearly focuses on inviting story as well as illustrations from users. Another section is focusing on contests. Very interesting features from customer engagement point of view.

  • Online shop with free delivery anywhere in India. Also offers and promotions depending upon the seasonality. As of today, one can see a Diwali gifting banner there.

  • ACK Pedia which is going to be a user-generated repository of information pertaining to people, places and culture of the India. Considering their credibility in offline medium for Indian legends, folktales and parables, if they do it rightly I’m sure they can become the authority in online space as well.

  • Recommendation Section which they are planning to launch in which they will not only review their own books rather other books as well as other edutainment related products. Good feature as per me.

Well, lots of good things but there are definitely some other things which have got some scope for improvement, like:

  • The home page loads very slow. I have tried it on high speed connections as well but not much luck. They need to look into their performance.

  • I think comic illustrations need bit of revamp. While it’s good to see our good old characters but to suit the taste of today’s generation kids and compete with likes of western ones like Tintin and all, definitely some new character and new content needs to be introduced with a bit modern kinda illustrations.

  • I know the world has moved towards complete English comics but still I think a section of Hindi comics can give them bit of edge in Indian market.

  • The content needs to be refreshed bit more on their homepage, I think as of now major changes are happening once a week, but in today’s fast changing times it would be good if they can manage to change some content daily.

  • It would be a good idea to launch a weekly contest instead of one generic contest with prominent highlighting of weekly winners.

  • I think there is a huge scope of improvement in their edutainment content in digital forms like DVDs, VCDs, video gallery on their own website.

But overall I liked this initiative of Amar Chitra Katha and yes, now I do have reasons to go back to their website again and again. Hope they manage to impress their actual TG i.e., kids and teenagers and they also feel the same about this revamped website :-).


  1. Gourav

    Thanks for the lead. It revived the old days. Can we have something similar for graphic novels?

  2. Kanupriya

    @ Gourav: Wish even graphic novels go for a complete change 🙂

  3. chhavi

    good points all. I hope ACK is listening to you. Personally, I don’t like reading any fiction online – whether graphic novels of comics or books. I recently learned about the Ramayana Reloaded comics (which I believe were never released in India at all) … they’re available on – @Gourav, check that out … but who wants to read these online?? I want to be able to consume at will, bookmark, leave be and NOT be stuck on my laptop even beyond work! 🙂

  4. Sriidhar Bhat

    Check out.. You can now enjoy the ever popular Amar Chitra Katha on your iPhones and iPods!

    ACK Media has partnered with iRemedi Corp in Atlanta GA and they co-launched Amar Chitra Katha Comics on the iPhones and iPods worldwide a week ago!

    Over 15 popular titles including Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha and The Gita are now available in iTunes Appstore at

    You can enjoy panel by panel of hundreds of beautiful art work and exotic stories in rich color.

    With the iPhone platform having over 43% of all mobile traffic on the planet, this is a great platform to have launched ACK.

    Here are some interesting links:

    Press release on joint launch:

    iRemedi-ACK joint launch video where you can see the user experience.
    Remember to turn on the audio in your computer to enjoy the launch music.

  5. Sriidhar Bhat

    To find search for iRemedi in you tube

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